Finance Department

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Division of Treasury

The Division of Treasury develops, maintains and enforces a uniform system of accounts including forms, standards and procedures for all departments of municipal government. All receipts and disbursements of the Township and each of its departments are controlled here.

A central bookkeeping and account records system is maintained with sound accounting principles in accordance with the requirements of the State Division of Local Government. The Division of the Treasury assures that all bills are authorized and approved for payment. The Division controls all expenditures and commitments to be made on behalf of any department in conformity with State law. The Division also makes recommendations to the Township Council on the sale and award of bonds including the principal amount, interest rate, maturities and price.

Division of Collections

The Division of Collections performs the function of Collector of Taxes including the preparation and mailing of tax bills, enforcement of tax collections by tax sale or other means and the maintenance of tax accounting records. They receive and collect all current and delinquent taxes, receive penalties and interest according to law and provide a central cashier for all departments.

Water / Sewer Utility Billing & Collections Department

The water and sewer billing and collections department is housed in the municipal building and incorporated with the tax collections department. They are governed by state law and local municipal ordinances pertaining to rates, adjustments and penalty calculations.

Water and sewer bills are generated quarterly for all residents and businesses connected to the Parsippany Utility systems. Payment is due 30 days from bill date to avoid interest penalty.

Electronic Water/Sewer Bills

Division of Assessments

This Office is governed by State Statutes for all procedures.

The Division of Assessments, headed by the Tax Assessor, determines the taxability and fair market value of all new, existing and improved properties within the municipality. The assessor’s responsibilities include processing deeds and building permits for assessments, maintaining and updating assessment records, maintaining records for accurate up-to-date information from Planning, Zoning, and Construction Code enforcement, complying with State mandated regulations, handling appeals, processing applications for exemptions or deductions, and compiling financial and other records for the County and State Boards.

The County of Morris maintains the Tax Board Home Page. From this website you will be able to view owners, assessment data, sales data, and tax maps for all of the municipalities in the County of Morris. Morris County Tax Board 

Tax Information

Tax appeals must be filed on or before April 1st of the current tax year. For the current ratio to value percentage and municipal tax rate, please call the Tax Assessor's Office at 973-263-4272. There are also six fire districts each having their own separate tax rate.

For information on the Property Tax Freeze Program you can review the requirements and forms online at the New Jersey Division of Taxation-Property Tax Reimbursement .

For information on all Property Tax Relief Programs, go to the New Jersey Division of Taxation Property Tax Relief Program Page


Applications for Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons, Veterans and their surviving spouses can be obtained in this office or at the New Jersey Division of Taxation-Local Property Tax Forms.


Please contact the Division of Assessments for applications and to answer any questions you may have pertaining to them.   They can be reached at (973) 263-4272 any time between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.