Fire Prevention


The Parsippany Division of Fire Prevention is tasked with enforcing the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code in all commercial properties located within the Township of Parsippany. In addition, the Division is responsible for issuing appropriate permits, certificates for home sales and/or rentals, planning for events, assisting with emergency response, and public education in conjunction with the township’s six Fire Districts, three EMS agencies, Police, and many other stakeholders. In order to accomplish these tasks, the Division is staffed by one (1) full time Fire Official, four (4) full time Fire Inspectors, and one (1) full time Administrative Assistant. The Fire Official and Fire Inspectors are state certified to requirements set forth by the State of New Jersey Division of Fire and Safety and completed required continuing education yearly.

In 2017, the Division started an aggressive education program that branched out from just the township schools. Inspectors now present Fire Safety to businesses including a variety of topics that encompass fire safety in the workplace, home, school, as well as time of year specific events. In addition to presentations, the Division owns and operates a Fire Safety Trailer and Fire Extinguisher prop that allows the user to practice extinguishing a real fire under a controlled environment. In 2018, the Division adopted “Prevention Through Education” as the standard to which all actions are measured to. Whether inspections in commercial settings or education at schools, the Division believes that Prevention is much more than code enforcement.

The Division encourages everyone if they have any questions regarding fire safety, whether for information purposes or concerns about a property in town to call or email them.