Recreation Advisory Committee

  • Mike Sifonios - Director of Parks, Forestry and Recreation
  • Joe Plescia - Superintendent of Recreation
  • Jim Walsh - Superintendent of Parks and Forestry
  • Michael A Soriano, Mayor
  • Loretta Gragnani, Council Liaison
  • Alison Cogan
  • Riccardo Ballesteros
  • Chris DeLucia
  • Frank Neglia
  • Sam Yodice
  • Danny Desai 
  • Al Zalewski
  • Chris Mazzarella

Also attending:

  • Sgt. Alan Griffin 
  • Wil Marto
  • Kelly Simpson


The role of the Recreation Advisory Committee is to advise and assist the Recreation Department in the planning and development of public recreational programs and facilities and to promote coordination of such within the Township.

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