Recycling & Sanitation

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The Division of Recycling and Sanitation is responsible for the pick-up and removal of all trash and recyclable material for the residents of Parsippany. Service details and regulations governing the collection of household garbage, recyclables, yard waste and all other refuse are listed here.

The employees of the Sanitation/Recycling work hard to provide good, reliable year round service, often under very difficult weather conditions. With your help and consideration by following these guidelines our goals of providing the best possible service will be achieved.

Are You Planning to Move

The Township will accept several extra bags of garbage at curbside on your second pickup, but you must contact a private hauler (located in the phone book under rubbish removal) to arrange for a container for the removal of all large items. The Sanitation Department is not obligated to pick up up the contents of a whole house at the curb. Residents will be subject to a summons if these instructions are not followed.

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