Mayor Michael A. Soriano


Phone: 973-263-4262


Michael Soriano was born on a military base in Augusta, Georgia on May 12, 1967. Growing up in Queens, New York, he learned the value of hard work from his father, Ramon, a proud electrician and brother of IBEW Local 3.

Michael moved to an apartment in Parsippany in January of 2002, proposing to his wife, Jennifer, within hours of moving in. Like many renters in our township, Michael and Jennifer fell in love with Parsippany and its community, and chose to remain here to raise their family. A few years later, they moved to a home in Lake Hiawatha, where they raise their daughter.


Throughout his career as a second-generation electrician, Michael has served as both a foreman and superintendent on projects throughout New York City. He brings a wealth of essential management experience to the table in Parsippany, which he uses to carry out the functions of our municipal government in the affordable and efficient way that the township deserves.

It is through this profound love for his community that drives him to do all that he can to help it prosper. From that lucky day he moved to Parsippany he has held close the words of Martin Luther King Jr, who once said “life’s most persistent and urgent question is, "what are you doing for others."