Mayor's Committee on Accessibility

Mission StatementMCA

The Committee’s mission is to advocate for and serve as a resource to the Parsippany community on accessibility, equal rights, removing barriers and promoting opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The goal is maximum independence and full participation in the social and economic life of the Township, for all its residents. 

Vision Statement

The Committee’s vision is a community where everyone understands the importance of equal participation and full inclusion of all citizens. A commitment to make Parsippany Township a more accessible place to live, work and visit for people living with disabilities.


  • Identify, research and provide recommendations on local challenges and barriers that impact people with disabilities
  • Advise municipal officials in ensuring compliance with the ADA and other federal and state disability laws and regulations 
  • Consult on the removal of architectural, communications and policy barriers to enhance equal and open inclusion of people with disabilities 
  • Promote public awareness and increase sensitivity of the challenges that people with disabilities face and establish Town partnerships
  • Educate both people living with and without disabilities regarding reasonable accommodations for employment and other issues concerning persons with disabilities
  • Review and make recommendations about, and advocate for the adoption of, policies, procedures, services, activities, and facilities of departments, boards and agencies of Parsippany Township as they affect people with disabilities
  • Provide information, referrals, guidance, and technical assistance to individuals, public agencies, businesses, and organizations in all matters pertaining to disabilities; and coordinate activities of other local groups for similar purposes
  • Coordinate and/or monitor programs designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities
  • Sponsor educational programs that would allow persons with disabilities to be employed according to their handicap

Working Groups

The Mayor’s Committee on Accessibility shall have the following subcommittees:

  • The Access and Public Policy Subcommittee which will focus on accessibility and barrier removal throughout the community by providing citizen input on accessibility projects promoting ADA regulations.
  • The Awards and Outreach Subcommittee to honor businesses, agencies and individuals for outstanding support of Parsippany Township citizens with disabilities. The subcommittee may develop outreach events to raise awareness of the assets that people with disabilities may provide the community or employers.
  • The Employment and Education Subcommittee may develop policy recommendations that support more successful educational and employment outcomes for qualified individuals with disabilities, by partnering with employers and school districts that develop initiatives towards this goal.
  • The Community Coordination Subcommittee interacts with local organizations and services, including the PAL, Little League, etc., to align efforts on increasing accessibility in public activities, and integrate the whole community in accessibility awareness.

Addendum: Meetings open to the public will carry this notification:

For accessibility, we appreciate your cooperation in keeping our meetings fragrance free. The Township of Parsippany is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Reasonable modifications and equal access to communications will be provided upon request. Meeting locations are planned with wheelchair and public transportation access. If requiring Sign Language Interpreters, alternative formats, or any other special accommodations, please give notice at least 48 hours before the meeting.