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Volunteer with Table of Hope's Mobile Food Delivery Program

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Volunteer for Table of Hope's Mobile Food Delivery Program!

Volunteer openings are available each Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, at Liquid Church, located at 299 Webro Road in Parsippany. Volunteers will assist in directing cars of needy residents, packing bags of food, and distributing them into the trunks of vehicles for residents in need.

A bit more information on the Mobile Food Delivery Program

With the ever-changing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing, and Stay-At-Home recommendations from State and County officials, it’s become even more challenging to get food into the hands and mouths of those who need it most. Thanks to Table of Hope’s Mobile Food Pantry and lots of volunteers, the County’s first-ever Mobile Food Drop is changing how people receive food assistance.

According to United Way, many areas around Morris County are comprised of ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) residents, working poor individuals and families living paycheck to paycheck, who are particularly vulnerable during this time.

“There’s a lot of people here that are on that level, just trying to maintain the mortgage and a reasonable quality of life,” said Bethel Church’s Pastor Sidney Williams, who’s been leading the efforts of the Mobile Food Drops around Morris County. “In times like this, when people aren’t able to work, you’ve got your kids at home, and you’re simply trying to survive and make the dollar stretch, this mobile food truck helps people.”

Table of Hope has been in operation since 2013 as a project developed by Spring Street Community Development Corporation. Table of Hope has served over 100 meals per night on average, and operates a pantry on Thursday nights.

Thanks to a $15 million Food Bank Aid appropriation signed in mid-march, support for nutrition and food assistance will continue through the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, the main hub for distributing food assistance for the state.

“The problem is that the Food Bank is located in Hillside, there isn’t a subway or trolley to get to these places easily in Morris County” Williams noted. “Each county has to come up with a solution of how to meet the needs of its residents. Sometimes local pantries can’t get the support because they’re so small, and we have 39 pantries throughout Morris County, operating in churches, with members of the congregation contributing as much as they can. We want to be a support under those pantries to help supplement what their congregations are doing.”

Williams also acknowledged the stigma of going to a food pantry in a different neighborhood, which can steer people away from seeking assistance. “Nobody wants to get in line for food, so we can come to churches in your neighborhood, as close to where people live. Having this bus is a huge blessing, and we want to keep it moving.”

For more information on donating, volunteering, or to find out when the next Mobile Food Drop is happening in your area, please go to or call (973) 998-9330.

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